John Cusack made an early career of playing adorably downtrodden dorks -- and one of his best was Lane Meyer in 'Better Off Dead,' no doubt helped along by a dream sequence featuring Van Halen's 'Everybody Wants Some.'

In the movie, Lane is ditched by his girlfriend in favor of the popular ski-team captain. A despondent Lane decides to kill himself, but his half-hearted attempts at suicide always fail -- with comedic consequences.

Until he ultimately finds love with the pretty exchange student across the street, he's left with little else to focus on but his job at Pig Burger. It's a miserable place (the boss even sometimes forces Lane to wear a pig mask), so no one can blame him when his mind wanders -- and that's where David Lee Roth and the boys come in.

Pig Burger's slogan is "Everybody wants some," and while working late one night, Lane stars in his own fantasy about being a mad scientist who breathes life into a burger, Dr. Frankenstein-style. While the jungle beat of the Van Halen track plays in the background, our newly-animated claymation sandwich takes up with a girl-burger and even does some shredding on one of Eddie's iconic red and white guitars.

The scene is one of the most memorable in 'Better Off Dead,' which was no easy feat -- it had stiff competition from a menacing paperboy who just wants his two dollars already and an Asian Howard Cosell-impersonator. And even though 'Everybody Wants Some' isn't on the movie soundtrack, it's safe to say no other song is associated with the movie more.

Watch the 'Better Off Dead' Scene Featuring Van Halen's 'Everybody Wants Some'

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