Van Halen are inching one step closer to providing fans with a new album, their first with original lead singer David Lee Roth since '1984,' literally! The band reportedly finished mixing the new platter around three weeks ago. Rejoice, VH fans! The gap between the "idea" of a new Van Halen record with 'Diamond' Dave and the "reality" of that same album is narrowing every day!

Van Halen News Desk reports that the mixing process began in July and wrapped last month, astutely pointing out that rumors that the band was taking an inordinately long time to mix the disc were just that: unsubstantiated talk.

Mastering is set for mid-September, which is right around he corner. That part of the process takes about a week or so to complete, barring any technical difficulties or last minute sweeping changes brought forth by the band.

While there is no release date on schedule for the album, once the mastering process is complete, the album will be just about good to go from a "in the books" standpoint, which should get fan tongues wagging.

Despite this piece of good news, Van Halen fans have been on a bit of an out of control emotional roller coaster this summer, as news of a new single, supposedly called 'Late Term,' leaked about three weeks ago, only to be shot down. Whatever the case, fans are clamoring for any taste of new music from the California legends. As Yoda might say: "Patience, young Van Halen fans. There IS another."