The long-silent Edward and Alex Van Halen have finally submitted to an interview in support of their new album 'A Different Kind of Truth' (reviewed here), and the correspondent they chose for this honor is none other than the one and only "Diamond" David Lee Roth, their very own lead singer.

In a relaxed, tapestry-backed setting that looks like the next room over from where the band recorded acoustic versions of some of their songs for the bonus DVD that accompanies their new album, the trio discuss their respective upbringings and the Van Halen brothers' musical educations.

Perhaps bassist Wolfgang Van Halen is sick of hearing his famous guitar-playing dad recount his youth, and much of the story is familiar to fans of the band, but it's still great see the band's laughing chemistry and hear new insights on how the Dutch-born brothers didn't enjoy piano lessons, or faked being able to read musical notation. Roth's color commentary and personal memories (along with some helpful world maps and vintage photographs) fill in some extra details quite nicely.

You can watch the whole thing right here. Perhaps the best news is that it looks like this conversation's just getting started, at least judging by the "To be continued.." banner that pops up at the end of this clip.

Watch David Lee Roth Interview Edward and Alex Van Halen

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