Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider will trade spouses with rapper Flavor Flav on the upcoming TV show 'Celebrity Wife Swap.' You’re probably familiar with the original 'Wife Swap,' where regular guys and gals trade spouses for a while and realize nobody else can handle their quirkiness and odd behavior other than their current partners.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Snider, currently a syndicated radio host, and Flav will be amongst the early 'Celebrity Wife Swap' participants. It's hard to imagine what will happen when the two reality TV pros switch lives, even temporarily, in a forthcoming episode of the spinoff show.

Snider and Suzette, his wife of 30 years, have four children together. Flav recently asked his wife Liz to marry him on a 2008 episode of "Flavor of Love." (Looks like that show actually worked?)

Snider and Flav aren’t the only musician celebrities getting on the reality show craze. Gene Simmons recently wrapped up the season for his popular ‘Family Jewels,’ reality show with a big marriage proposal bombshell.

Which classic rockers would you like to see swap wives on the show?

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