Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will release a live vinyl LP and support independent record stores at the same time. Teaming up for a venture with Record Store Day’s Black Friday on Nov. 25, the former Traveling Wilbury continues the battle against the corporate takeover of the record industry.

It’s no secret that Petty is disgusted with the new system and its ‘Money Becomes King’ attitude. His 2002 release ‘The Last DJ’ definitely was his lash back, kicking the guilty parties where it hurt. Now, to partner up with RSD this year, proves Petty still means business.

Rolling Stone reported that most of the live LP will consist of tracks from last year’s album ‘Mojo,’ however it will also include a new version of his obscure ‘Sweet William’ an original B side to 1999’s ‘Room At The Top.’

Another element of the declining industry is directly related to the changes at radio. Public radio stations continue to struggle due to federal funding cuts, severing their monies due to failure in meeting corporate targets and fundraising requirements. This results in station lay-offs and a drastic programming change, which is exactly what happened at Cal State University Northridge's noncommercial, public FM public radio station KCSN.

In an effort to benefit KCSN, Petty and the Heartbreakers will play a rare intimate show on Oct. 29. Petty remembers when radio meant something and sticks to his beliefs. After all, he is the one who sang “I Won’t Back Down.”