Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer will release his first solo album ‘The Way Life Goes’ on April 30th. We’re pleased to be able to present the video premiere of ‘Solid Ground,’ the energetic new single from Keifer’s long awaited album, a project that was in the works for nearly 10 years.

Diagnosed with a partially paralyzed vocal chord in the ‘90s, doctors initially told Keifer that he’d never sing again. Undeterred by the news, the veteran vocalist began working with speech pathologists and vocal coaches and happily, found his voice again and was able to return to the stage with Cinderella and also work on the songs that would become the new album.

The material on ‘The Way Life Goes’ is largely autobiographical, drawing inspiration from the events that were going on in Keifer’s world over the past 15 years.

As Keifer tells us in an exclusive interview, “songs start for me, usually with a lyric idea and those inspirations come from life. Whether it’s something that I’ve been through or something that other people are going through. All of my heroes and influences were people wrote about real things”

‘Solid Ground’ kicks off the new album and addresses how we deal with life and its related events as individuals. “It’s kind of like that age-old saying that ‘life is a journey, not a destination.’ To me, that’s what that [song is] about. We always seem like we’re looking for this thing that’s going to make us feel like we’ve arrived or that we’re whole or whatever and life’s just not like that. Life continues on and it is a journey."