Thin Lizzy great Gary Moore passed away last year, and there are numerous fans that are concerned over the state of the musician's burial plot.

Moore passed away at the age of 58 in February 2011 while on vacation in Spain and was put to rest in Saltdean, East Sussex. However, fans living close to his plot say that they were surprised at how minor it seemed and how poor the upkeep had been.

The Belfast Telegraph states that the only sign that it's Moore's grave is a small brown cross stating "Gary Moore 1952-2011" and a few items left behind by fans.

Local resident Irene Campbell told the paper she would prefer to see a bigger signification at the resting place, explaining, “When I went to look for Gary Moore’s grave at the parish church, it took me ages to find. Having been to Pere Lachaise in Paris recently and visited Jim Morrison’s grave, I was expecting some sort of original memorial, maybe a guitar in stone. Just as I was giving up I found it tucked away against a back wall with no obvious markings. The little black scarf draped on the cross probably was what caught my eye. The grave was not delineated or looked after — there were lots of fallen leaves not swept up. I was really disappointed and thought it looked neglected.”

Campbell told the paper that there may be other contributing factors as it's required that you wait a full year before erecting a permanent memorial, so there may be something in the works that hasn't been added yet due to the proximity of his death.

Moore's family issues a statement to the paper explaining that adverse weather conditions were to blame for the delay in erecting a headstone. They revealed that there was one being made, but that it had taken a while for the ground to settle in order to support the piece and the continued wet weather had not helped the matter.

The paper also quoted Stuart Baille of the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast where a Moore exhibit is currently running as saying that he was struck by Moore's family as people who had and were continuing to do a lot to cement his legacy. He added, “The feeling I am getting is that the family care a lot about his memory. They have just commissioned a biography and are doing a lot ot keep his memory alive.”

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