Fans of the Who will effectively be able to pick Pete Townshend's brain about the making of 'Quadrophenia' when the director's cut box set becomes available on Nov. 15. The promotional video below makes it clear that the guitarist and songwriter is opening up his vault to reveal the stories and secrets behind the legendary album.

This video gives fans a look at how the bounty of surplus material will be packaged. As previously reported, the box set will include over two dozen bonus tracks, a hard cover book and a "treasure trove of unseen images." One gets a look at the original promo poster that's included, as well as the replica of the seven-inch '5:15' single.

Amazon reports the package will be available in the United States at a price of $143.99. That's somewhat of a pin in the balloon, but there should be more than enough material to satiate the musical appetites of the most fervent fans of the Who. Townshend promises to shed some light on the character of "Jimmy" in the 100-page book.

“The Who, and Jimmy as a kind of model for one or all of our fans, really had developed a powerful symbiosis that deserved a project like ‘Quadrophenia’ both to honour the mechanism and address why it started to fail almost a soon as it had begun,” the guitarist wrote in June. The band is also celebrating by selling custom parkas and vespas to match those seen on the album cover.

Watch the 'Quadrophenia' Director's Cut Video Tour

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