The Rolling Stones have released 'No Spare Parts,' an enjoyable if inessential first taste of new material from the upcoming expanded version of their 1978 album 'Some Girls.'

The track is a pleasant, slow-shuffling country rocker that never really gets out of third gear, at least in terms of what the Stones' engine is capable of.

For a lesser band, 'No Spare Parts' could probably be a highlight of any given album, but considering 'Far Away Eyes' and the title track cover much of this same thematic and musical territory on 'Some Girls,' it's easy to see why this song got left off the album.

Still, it's fun to hear Mick Jagger go for the world record in converted "ewwwww'"s in terms of his vocal delivery.

The words "you," "lose" and "through" pop up over and over again in the lyrics ("Honey, I ain't accustomed to lose / If I want something bad enough, I always find a way to get through"), and each and every time he milks the most out of every syllable -- "yeewwwwwwwww, lewwwwwwws, threwwwwwwww," etc.

The track is the first of 12 previously unreleased songs from the 'Some Girls' sessions that the band recently completed for inclusion as part of a Nov. 21 deluxe re-issue edition, which of course will be available in numerous and ever more expensive formats.

Considered by some the last truly great Rolling Stones album (we disagree, our vote goes to 'Tattoo You'), the 1978 classic found the band reasserting their grip on a world gone disco and punk crazy. Now you tell us, looking back, which genre won that war, huh? HUH? That's right, classic rock rules all!

Listen to the Rolling Stones, 'No Spare Parts'