After the lights went down one final time at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles and the gear was packed away, we had a few end of tour drinks and the band & crew went home for some well earned R&R.

We would like to thank everyone that came out and made this a highly memorable trek across North America.

From Canada to the Midwest, the East Coast, Texas and California, to the old and new friends we met, plus all those working hard behind the scenes who made this tour a wonderful experience, we appreciate and thank all of you for making it possible!

DaisyLand at Guitar Center was a new concept we introduced on this tour, and we were delighted with how well it was received by all those that attended. The stores were packed out, and it will be something we’ll be doing more of down the road so stay tuned!!

Over the course of 33 days we played 53 shows. For the first time, we had a song in the Top 40 with over 135 radio stations playing our music. We had close to a million people view our latest video for "Dead and Gone" and started filming some scenes in Hollywood for the upcoming "Welcome to Daisyland” online series due out on Halloween!!!

Our great friend Dizzy Reed with his band Hookers & Blow was the cherry on the cake!

See you soon on the KISS Kruise or perhaps the U.K. & Europe in November & December.

Thank you all for making this so much fun … Rock is indeed alive and well!!!



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