You're a Hollywood power couple with perpetual slots on every list of the world's most beautiful people. Suddenly, you announce your engagement. So who better to dole out advice on keeping things fresh in the bedroom than the guy who once sang, "F--- Her Gently?"

That's right, Tenacious D's Jack Black, that noted loverman, has the answers for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who announced that they plan to finally get married. Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' Black tells the reporter that, contrary to traditional wisdom, sex gets better after marriage.

"I think the sex actually improves once you've sealed the deal," said Black, while his co-star in the new film 'Bernie,' legendary actress Shirley MacLaine, plays along. "Then we're able to really let loose."

Tenacious D are getting ready to release their new album, 'Rize of the Fenix' on May 15, with a two-month world tour to begin on May 23 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Black and his Tenacious D cohort, Kyle Gass, have made a video explaining what they've been up to in the time since their last release. Apparently, they have been training with "some ancient f------ monks learning to harness the power of the Fenix." That makes sense to us. Who hasn't done that once or twice?

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