We were pretty confident Ted Nugent would have a good real-life 'Spinal Tap' story for us, and sure enough, the Motor City Madman came through with a very personal story about being called out to stage at a very unfortunate time.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the world’s most famous rock and roll “mockumentary,” we asked various classic rock stars to share their own funny ‘Spinal Tap’ stories. A slight warning: Nugent's story may not be suitable for so-called polite dinner conversation... but then again what are you doing reading at the table? OK, here we go!

"Oh jeez, I suppose there’s been plenty of them. The most hysterical one was when we toured Japan in 1979. I have quite a ritual -- one that shows that my plumbing and my spirit work in concert together -- and that is, every concert, for almost 6500 concerts, before I go on stage I gotta take the most immaculate T-Rex dump you’ve ever seen in your life! I think just mentioning that is about as ‘Spinal Tap’ as you wanna get."

But in case you do want to hear more...

"So we're in Japan, back in ’79, and I’m in [the bathroom]. And of course I would think that the most important thing for a road manager to know is where the artist is when it’s time to go on stage. Well, Jim Curnutt lost track of my pre-show ritual, and they went ahead and started the pre-show house music — we have a song that we had chosen, that we played just before we hit the stage — and so it’s time to go on stage, and I’m in the bathroom! And I’m listening to the introduction tape being played, and I’m going, ‘What in God’s name are they doing?' Because Ted Nugent’s not available, and they’re introducing Ted Nugent! And so I’m still in there, cause there’s some things in life you can’t stop mid-stream, and the lights go down, the band hits the stage, and I’m nowhere to be found, cause I’m still in the bathroom. Even Spinal Tap wouldn’t have thought of that one!"

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