Survivor might be following Taylor Swift on her journey off Spotify -- although it won't be because they want to.

TMZ reports that the band's ongoing battle against Sony Music has started getting ugly, with the label threatening to trigger a "nuclear option" -- in other words, yanking their music completely off all digital storefronts and streaming services -- if they didn't stop demanding a more thorough accounting.

As previously reported, Survivor filed against Sony earlier this year, alleging that the label has systematically deprived them of their contractually obligated royalties by misrepresenting digital licenses as sales. The band's suit comes two years after Toto took up their own court battle against Sony for non-payment of digital royalties, and it looks like it's shaping up to be every bit the grueling grind that plaintiffs can expect whenever they try to take on a multinational conglomerate.

With lawyers for both sides currently duking it out, neither Sony reps nor Survivor members offered comment for the TMZ report, and we can presumably expect both sides to keep quiet on the record until a judge weighs in on the case. In the meantime, you might want to stream the Survivor catalog (and presumably Toto's, for that matter) while it's still available.