OK, so maybe we got a little carried away when we said Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler massacred the National Anthem before Sunday's AFC title game between the Baltimore Ravens and Tyler's beloved New England Patriots. Maybe his version was just a little "pitchy," to use the parlance of 'American Idol.' Or maybe he was like the 32-yard field goal that Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff missed with 15 seconds remaining to lose the game: just a bit off.

Tyler's bandmate Joe Perry was quick to defend his bandmate, telling the National Post, "That song is a b----, they should just get one guy, like an opera singer, who delivers the song exactly the same way... so no one messes with it. Why can't somebody interpret it the way that they want?"

The guitarist also points out that his longtime musical partner meant no disrespect, and flew out after two funerals from his Los Angeles home just to perform at this event. "He's got a one in a million voice and people are lucky to hear it," Perry summarizes. "Give me a break, he's a rock singer. He's using the tools that he's got."

Perhaps comedian and noted sports fan Bill Burr put it best when he spoke about the criticism of Tyler's performance on his Monday Morning Podcast:

"Why is everybody s---ing on Steven Tyer, going 'how bad was his national anthem rendition?'" said Burr. "The guy is f---ing 63 years old, he's singing outside, with no band behind him, can we cut him some slack? F--- no, this is the Internet! Let's take this guy down, who has had more hit singles than all of us, who's gotten more p---y than all of us, who woman still wanna bang."

"I thought he did a great job, I didn't have a f---ing problem with it," he continues, while reading from a review that says Tyler's performance wouldn't get him to Hollywood. "He lives in a house in the Hollywood hills, he's already there, he's a f---ing legend, he's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

He concludes: "You know what he's a victim of? He's a victim of he's so f---ing bada-- that people forget that he's f---ing 63, you know what I mean?"

What did you think of Steven's performance? Did he butcher it, or are his critics being too harsh?