Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler said he has no interest in reading bandmate Joe Perry's new autobiography. The singer was asked last night in Nashville if he's going to the read the book. His reply? "Hell, no!."

In the TMZ video clip, which you can watch above, Tyler says he won't read 'Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith' because "I have to go onstage with him next year. I wanna love the son of a bitch."

When it's suggested that maybe he can read the book after the tour wraps up, Tyler shrugs and replies, "I might. He hasn't read mine either."

That might be a good thing, since the two longtime bandmates have had a love-hate relationship going on 40 years now. Perry, while making the promotional rounds for the book last month, noted that Tyler "has become more driven and hungry for acceptance and fame." Ouch.

Perry also admitted that he “enjoyed watching” his bandmates “squirm a little” before the book was published, because none of them knew what the guitarist had written. Now that it's out, we know at least one squirm-free Aerosmith member who hasn't even bothered to check it out.

And, as a bonus, we inadvertently just got confirmation that Aerosmith are planning a tour for 2015.