Steve Perry hasn't issued any new music since 1998. However, the self-exiled former Journey frontman is putting the finishing touches on a studio at his Southern California home, which means he'll soon record and rock fans will get to hear that powerful voice once again.

"I've written a whole bunch of ideas and directions, all over the map, in the last two, three years," Perry told Billboard. "I plan on getting in the studio at some point and start trying to track these things and see where they go."

One key element of the process is the lack of pressure. That is something Perry, 62, does not need or want in his life when it comes to making music. Pressure, he says, distracts him. "I'll worry about it sucking, and then what am I gonna do? I've got all this pressure... that I just don't want on me, so I've allowed myself the ability to sketch and write as I go, and I'll do it at my own pace," he said.

Doing things on his clock is crucial, since he's getting up there in age, something he's not in denial over: "I'm no spring chicken. The same arthritis that ate up my left hip that finally got replaced hasn't stopped there... And touring is a lot of work. I'm impressed when I see people like Eric Clapton out there. Gee whiz, Eric, give me a break! It's amazing. I know it's gotta hurt somewhere."

The inevitable topic came up – his relationship with his former bandmates, who fans hope, wish and pray that he'll reunite with for one more go round. He called the relationship "civil through channels." That sounds like managers do the communicating instead of Perry trading "Miss You, LOL!"texts with Schon or bassist Ross Valory.

He admitted, "We really don't have a lot to say to each other at this point. We have certainly for years now gone our separate ways and we're all living different lives. They've got their singer and they're working and they're happy and everybody's fine."

Separate ways, huh? Just like the Journey song!

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