Steve-O, the comedian and stuntman best known for his antics on Jackass, has revealed that Prince was "a jerk" when the two men met.

The exact date of the encounter was not revealed, though Steve-O seemed to suggest it took place in the early 2000s. The Jackass star had a go-to party trick that he often pulled out at celebrity events: He’d balance a cup on his head, then proceed to drink the liquid inside without using his hands. Occasionally, witnesses would be impressed. Prince was not.

“Prince was super a jerk to me. I remember I was like, ‘Prince! Prince! Dude, let me show you a trick,” Steve-O recalled on his Wild Ride! podcast. “So I’m doing my trick. And I had this model girlfriend. And he turns to my model girlfriend and he’s like, ‘Does this impress you?’ Like he said it in a real condescending dick way. … And my model girlfriend said, 'Yeah, it's actually pretty impressive, you should check it out.'"

Prince wasn’t the only rocker uninterested in Steve-O’s antics. The comedian recalled Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction “hated” the same trick when Steve-O tried to perform it for him in a crowded nightclub. Things went even worse when Steve-O tried to pull off the same trick for Kid Rock. “He just straight kicked me,” Steve-O recalled, “knocked the cup off my head and ruined my trick.”

Though his interactions with Prince and the other aforementioned rockers didn’t go smoothly, Steve-O doesn’t seem to hold a grudge over the incident. Laughing about it now, the Jackass alum admitted: “I definitely inspired a lot of people to be jerks to me.”

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