Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett assured fans he’s OK after being rushed to the hospital ahead of his scheduled performance in Phoenix on Saturday.

The 74-year-old musician was set to play at the Celebrity Theatre as part of his ongoing Foxtrot at Fifty + Hackett Highlights tour, which features the pivotal 1972 Genesis album in its entirety. Promoter Danny Zelisko Presents is now working to reschedule the show.

Hackett offered a status update on Sunday, posting a note on Facebook along with a photo of himself in the hospital, which you can see below. “Hello everyone, I’m so sorry for the scare,” he said. “I’d hoped to power through the Phoenix show, but I had a bronchial infection and a last-minute adverse reaction to medication. Consequently, the medics took me to hospital. I am now recovering and glad to be feeling OK. I was very sad to miss the show and I will return to play in Phoenix as soon as possible. My thanks to you all for your understanding and support. With warmest wishes, Steve.”

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Steve Hackett Reflects on Genesis' 'Foxtrot'

Hackett has kept busy with a steady stream of solo albums in recent years, most recently the February release of The Circus and the Nightwhale. At the same time, he’s carved out time to revisit his tenure in Genesis, which lasted from 1971 to 1977. “I’m keeping the museum doors open in the revisited sense of Genesis,” he recently told The Arizona Republic, “but also doing new stuff to keep it vital so I don't entirely pension myself off into a glorious past with all those lovely exhibits — beautiful though they are, but they are of a certain time-warp value.”

Foxtrot holds the distinction of being the first Genesis album to chart in their native United Kingdom. “We were a young struggling band without much in the way of a clear sense of direction, but knowing we wanted to do something exceptional,” Hackett told Ramzine in 2022. “And I think we pulled it off. Foxtrot was a terrific achievement for Genesis at the time. There’s not one weak track on the album, they all have their strong points and I’m looking forward to performing the whole album live.”

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