Slash has settled on a lead singer to front the songs from his upcoming 'Apocalyptic Love' album, and the chemistry with Myles Kennedy is unmistakable on 'You're a Lie,' the album's first single.

The necessarily loud and tightly produced recording is amongst his best post-GNR works.

The biggest challenge for a guitarist releasing a solo project is finding a balance with the vocalist that features the man who's name is stamped on the album jacket without castrating his singer. 'You're a Lie' begins with almost 40 seconds of Slash in the driver's seat a la Ryan Gossling in 'Drive,' but when it's time he lets Kennedy shine.

"You're a voice of reason that I can't escape / Cut me down a thousand times a day / I don't need you anymore / I don't need you anymore," he sings to open the lyric.

The two -- along with the other Conspirators, who's contributions shouldn't be overlooked -- weave around each other like circus performers. Slash's technical noodling only compliments Kennedy's lyrics. It's a brilliant balance they hold on to for almost four minutes.

"'Cause you're a liar, liar / All my faith has been wasted, wasted / 'Cause you're a liar, liar / I don't need you to save me anymore," Kennedy sings during the chorus.

'You're a Lie' never lets up, moving from chorus to verse to guitar solo without space for a breath or even a pause for emphasis. It's pedal-to-the-metal rock and roll from start to finish. Perhaps only 'Black Betty' by Ram Jam will be the cause of more speeding tickets.

5 Stars
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