Sixx: A.M. has unveiled the title, cover art and track listing for their forthcoming new project. 'Modern Vintage,' the third studio album from Motley Crue veteran Nikki Sixx's side project, is due Oct. 7.

Can't wait that long for new music from Sixx, particularly with Motley Crue's last-ever tour winding down? No worries. Sixx: A.M. has also firmed up details on the first single from 'Modern Vintage.' Called 'Gonna Get It Right,' it's set for release on Aug. 5, with a Paul Brown-directed video premiering the next day on Vevo.

Sixx: A.M. is rounded out by guitarist DJ Ashba of Guns N' Roses and vocalist/producer James Michael. The group previously issued 'The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack' in 2007 and 'This Is Gonna Hurt' in 2011, along with the concert souvenir 'Live in Beautiful' in 2008.

"'Gotta Get it Right' is a great example of how Sixx: A.M. has set out to celebrate the music that has influenced us over the years," Ashba said in a release. "And we truly feel we’ve made a genre defying album with 'Modern Vintage.'" A video of the band talking about the making of the album can be found below.

'Modern Vintage' Track Listing

1. 'Stars'
2. 'Gotta Get It Right'
3. 'Relief'
4. 'Get Ya Some'
5. 'Let's Go'
6. 'Drive'
7. 'Give Me a Love'
8. 'Hyperventilate'
9. 'High on the Music'
10. 'Miracle'
11. 'Before It's Over'

Sixx: A.M. Talk About Recording 'Modern Vintage'

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