Rock and roll and sex go together like . . . well, like rock and roll and sex. After all, the term "rock and roll" is a sexual euphemism to begin with, and the lights, volume and sheer power of rock music tend to lend themselves to a hormonal overload.

So it's really no surprise that when music videos became the norm for promoting a new single, naughty-minded rockers began using those clips to sort of fantasize on film about all the girls they couldn't get when they were young, geeky kids first learning to play guitar. Rock videos have always featured plenty of hot girls in sexy situations -- and if you take it too far and it gets your video banned, then that's just more publicity.

The following are some of the sexiest rock music videos ever filmed -- at least the ones we can show here. Travel back with Ultimate Classic Rock and Loudwire to those magical days of junior high school -- as we recall a more innocent time, when loads of hot chicks writhed upon stripper poles for no apparent reason.

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