Three years after telling the world that they were taking their amplifiers and heading home, the members of Scorpions have reconsidered that whole retirement thing -- in fact, it sounds like their upcoming schedule will keep them as busy as ever.

Singer Klaus Meine confirmed the news -- which began to become obvious last summer -- in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, describing their change of heart as "a gradual decision" and explaining, "It’s one thing to say, ‘This is going to be the end of the Scorpions’ and another to do it."

Going on to describe their 2010 release 'Sting in the Tail' album as "such a success that a whole new generation of fans joined the party," Meine continued, "It was amazing. And you know that with all the best parties it’s sometimes hard to find the door?"

Current plans call for the band's next album to consist of songs that were started during their multiplatinum '80s heyday. "It will be material that was never finished; songs with pure Scorpions DNA from a very exciting time," Meine promised. "Once we close the book on the crazy touring schedule that’s something we’ll pick up again." And beyond that? "At this point nothing is out of the question."

As Meine went on to explain, "When we said adios ... our label, Sony Music, cried: ‘No, no, no… what about this idea? What about that idea?’ There are some offers you just can’t refuse. I don’t want to say too much right now but I can reassure you there is still life in those bloody old Scorpions."

And although he wouldn't get any more specific than that, saying "We’ll just have to see what’s realistic," Meine did reveal that fans should be seeing as well as hearing more Scorpions: "We’re working on a documentary about the band’s history. We filmed the tour’s big finale, which was very emotional."

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