Sammy Hagar has ventured into the liquor industry and launched restaurants in the past, but now he's eying a new venture: opening a resort.

“I want a resort: Sammy’s Resort World,” the Red Rocker admitted during an appearance on The Kenny Aronoff Sessions podcast. “Everything Sammy. Basically, Sammy’s Island. Like, if you went to my island, I’d have everything there for you. The food I like to eat, the drink I like to drink. You’ll be listening to my music and other people’s music that I like.”

As Hagar explained it, the resort would be modeled off of his popular Cabo Wabo brand. The company has a namesake tequila, as well as restaurants, nightclubs and a poolside beach club that opened in Southern California earlier this year. All of these elements would be incorporated into his resort, along with “a place where I can play called Stage Red. It’s got all my stuff in there. You go there once, you don’t have to leave. Now, this is my dream, OK? It’s going to happen. I’m telling you it’s going to happen.”

You can hear the interview below.

Asked where his resort would be located, Hagar unsurprisingly pointed towards the beach. “I have to have a coast to be happy,” the former Van Halen singer declared, before suggesting one possible landlocked exception. “Vegas has got everything,” Hagar noted. “It’s got a beach. ‘You want to put it on the beach, well, we’ll make a beach. Come on, and we make a beach for you. A son of a beach.’”

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