If Sammy Hagar's latest plan comes true -- and most of them do -- fans of the Red Rocker will be treated to a tour touching on nearly every phase of his four-decade recording career next summer.

On Sept. 1 of this year, Hagar's going to give the formula a test run, with a three (or maybe four) set show kicking off with a performance by his solo band, the Wabos. Following that, Michael Anthony will join in to perform songs from the duo's time together in Van Halen, under the name "The Other Half."

After an intermission, drummer Carmassi will join the duo to perform Montrose songs, with none other than Joe Satriani filling in for recently deceased guitarist Ronnie Montrose. According to a post on Sammy's site, if they're granted an encore (and who would deny them?) we'll also get to hear some Chickenfoot music.

Psychedelic surf band Ape will open the show and also be the entertainment at an official afterparty, which will also feature live Tiki carving. Which... is something we don't understand, could easily look up, but would rather be surprised by. You have to leave some mystery in life, right?

As Hagar says, "This is a prototype to the type of thing I want to take on the road next year so I promise it to be the party of a lifetime!" You can bet there will be lots of his new Beach Bar Rum on hand as well.

Oh, and if you're wondering why we say nearly every phase of Hagar's career will be represented, well, we don't see any mention of HSAS anywhere in this otherwise wonderful plan. We can't get a little 'Animation' going?

2013, when the full version of this tour is hopefully going to take place, will mark the 40th anniversary of Sammy's first album release, the undeniably awesome and genre-influencing self-titled album by Montrose.

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