Sammy Hagar has debuted the video for "No Worries," one of the new tracks included in his recent solo compilation This Is Sammy Hagar Vol. 1 — When the Party Started.

Recorded live at Mick Fleetwood's Maui restaurant Fleetwood’s on Front St., the clip offers another look at a song Hagar said he appended to the Party Started LP after collecting material from his solo career and realizing he needed to add "something new" that "shows where I'm at."

As Hagar explained in a video interview conducted for the compilation, he co-wrote "No Worries" with his nephew Tom Solis — a family affair that made sense given the song's lyrical themes and their shared fondness for a laid-back lifestyle. "[Tom's] a singer-songwriter dude, twentysomething years old, Southern California," said Hagar. "He lives in Orange County on the beach — he's kinda a Sammy Hagar kinda guy, you know? Growing up in that world of playin' bars and pickin' up on chicks and hangin' at the beach."

Laughingly describing the concept as "kind of deep," Hagar said he wrote the lyrics while trying to imagine what life might have been like if he'd been capable of looking at the world from his current happy-go-lucky point of view while he was still a younger man, struggling to feed his family while looking for his big break in the music business.

"I'm thinking about my life and thinking ... I really don't have anything to worry about. But what about a guy [who's] got no money, no car, no phone. I can't be claiming that, but it sounds right, you know what I mean? I thought about myself," he continued. "If I was young, late teens, early 20s, and living the life I'm living but hadn't made it yet, this would be the guy. 'No Worries' is Sammy Hagar before I made it — where my head's at now, though."

Hagar can currently be seen in the second season of his Rock 'n' Roll Road Trip travel series, and will be on the road with his band the Circle throughout June and into early July, following an appearance at this year's Acoustic 4 A Cure benefit concert. Exclusive bundles featuring This Is Sammy Hagar Vol. 1 — When the Party Started can be purchased at Hagar's official website.

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