After he's clear of his latest round of Scorpions obligations, Rudolf Schenker may enter the studio to work on an album with his brother Michael.

As Scorpions fans no doubt recall, Michael Schenker was an early member of the band, serving a pair of stints in the '70s (and briefly joining UFO in between) before founding the Michael Schenker Group. The brothers have played together on occasion over the years, but Rudolf says they've been kicking around the idea of a full-length LP for some time — in fact, he's worried that by carrying on with Scorpions after their alleged farewell tour several years ago, he's offended Michael.

"My brother is already very angry at me," he told the Boston Globe when asked about plans for his next project. "I said to him when we were on the farewell tour, 'Let’s make a Schenker Brothers album.' I haven’t played with my brother for a long time — maybe here and there on a Scorpions stage, like in Wacken, but not in the studio. I think it would be a great thing to do, and there’s a lot of people waiting for it."

If and when a Schenker Brothers album comes to pass, it sounds like Michael would be too excited by the opportunity to hold any grudges about the timing of it all. In an interview conducted earlier this year, he praised his older brother's musical ability and described himself as a willing creative foil in their relationship.

"I'm six and a half years younger than my brother, so maybe I was born to help him out," he mused. "I jump-started the Scorpions with my songs, then I left for UFO and then I came back to jump-start them for America. Then I went on my own and came back in '93 to do a tour with them in England and get the houses full. Whenever he needed me, I was available to help him, but it was not a necessity for me to have. I admire my brother's success and how he made it with so little. He's more like a magician than a musician."

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