Legendary producer Roy Thomas Baker is suing Sony Music for unpaid royalties, saying the entertainment company owes him over one million dollars for underpayment on twenty one Journey recordings.

In the lawsuit, Baker and his company, RTB Audio Visual Productions, are also looking for an order forcing Sony to pay him half of their net receipts from leasing the 21 master recordings in question.

According to Brave Words Bloody Knuckles, Baker was supposed to have been paid by Sony under a producer agreement, but in his 18-page lawsuit, Baker claims an audit of Sony's books revealed that they had been under-reporting his royalties for the period audited by more than $475,000.

The songs come from the band's 1978 and 1979 albums 'Infinity' and 'Evolution,' and includes mega-hits such as 'Lights' and 'Wheel In The Sky.' Also wrapped up in the mix are royalty rates for digital downloads, with Baker claiming he was stiffed on royalties for music and ringtones sold through I-Tunes, eMusic, Amazon and others.

Along with Journey, Roy Thomas Baker has produced a who's who of classic rockers including the Cars, Cheap Trick, Foreigner, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, the Darkness and most famously, Queen.

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