The opening track on the band's (so far) last studio LP, 2005's 'A Bigger Bang,' 'Rough Justice' is one of the most genuine Rolling Stones songs in ages.

It's raw and meaty guitar riff kicks things loudly into gear before some suitably naughty Mick Jagger lyrics enter the festivities. The band is on fire here like they hadn't been for some time. A stomping, pure Stones-style chorus ups the ante.

This hard driving rocker's not-so-secret weapon lies in Mr. Ron Wood, who truly shines with some tough as nails slide guitar work. And of course, there's rock solid Charlie Watts, driving the whole thing home. Without a doubt the highlight of the album, and it should have been a bigger hit. A last hurrah? Time will tell.


Watch the Rolling Stones Perform 'Rough Justice'