Rolling Stones fans have an early holiday gift from the band, a video of their long-lost song 'No Spare Parts.' The track was recorded for the 1978 album 'Some Girls' but was shelved until earlier this fall, when it was released as part of the deluxe version of that album as one of 12 "lost" songs.

The video features performance and off-stage footage of the band from the time of the original album's released, interspersed with scenes of global conflict and news events from the same era. It helps put the song in context, time-wise, but nothing about the track's small-screen love song lyrics seem to match up with the global visual images very well.

Still, as we mentioned in our review, the song itself, as well as it's brothers on the 2nd disk of 'Some Girls,' are fantastic. As to their origins? "Some have been out in bootleg form," Mick Jagger, who searched the vaults with producer Don Was, told USA Today. "There were a few surprises. Some songs were more finished and just had to be mixed. And some didn't have any lyrics or were very fragmentary. Some were too demo-sounding, and I just threw them out."

The Stones were careful not to fiddle around too much with the original recordings. In fleshing out the tunes, "we kept everything in context," Keith Richards added. "You don't want to fool around too much and pretty them up with digital extras. Leave it in its own time."

Watch the Rolling Stones' 'No Spare Parts' Video:

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