The Rolling Stones have released the second pre-release track from their upcoming Blue and Lonesome album — a cover of Little Walter's "Hate to See You Go."

Originally released in 1955 and covered repeatedly over the years, "Hate to See You Go" serves as one of several Little Walter covers on Lonesome and Blue, and for those unfamiliar with the blues giant's catalog, the song offers ample evidence of why the band was so drawn to his music with this record: Loaded with attitude and wide enough to offer Keith Richards room to peel off stinging licks opposite Mick Jagger's vocals and harmonica, the song — like the album's first offering, "Just Your Fool" — delivers everything fans could expect from a Stones blues LP.

As the band quickly told fans and social media followers, the song — which you can check out above — is immediately available via social media services and as a pre-release download for customers who pre-order the record via Amazon or iTunes.

Although his life and career were sadly cut short by changing trends and personal struggles, Little Walter's music remains a touchstone for blues lovers, and he's an acknowledged influence on the Stones — both in terms of overall sound as well as Jagger's harmonica technique.

"Little Walter Jacobs was one of the best singers of the blues and a blues harp player par excellence. I find it hard to listen to him without awe," Richards wrote in his Life memoir. "His band the Jukes were so hip and sympathetic. His singing was overshadowed by the phenomenal harp, which was based on a lot of Louis Armstrong‘s cornet licks. Little Walter would smile in his grave for the way Mick Jagger plays." You can check out the original version of the song, as well as the others included on the Stones' upcoming album.

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