Roger Waters doesn't have a release date for his next album, but he does have a complete collection of demos — and a concept that ties them all together.

"I have made an entire demo," Waters told Yahoo! Music. "I’m in a room sitting with a guitar, all the demo recordings and a legal pad and a pen, shoveling things around and scribbling things down. It’s an attempt to come up with a shape, a cartoon sketch of what this painting may be when it’s finished."

Quipping "Why change now?" when asked if the new songs will form a concept album, Waters revealed that "the basic question of the album is, 'Why are we killing the children?'" and hinted at ambitious plans for a new live show that will use the record in conjunction with older material in order to get that point across.

"The device that I’m using to do that is to think of it as an arena show, because I do think I have one more in me," he mused. "I’m trying to figure out how to juggle all these new tunes with old tunes as well into a cohesive arena show that I can get some bums into seats with."

Faced with the suggestion that his audience is more than ready for new material more than two decades after his most recent solo studio effort, Amused to Death, Waters agreed that "they really are" while suggesting that the weight of those expectations might make it more difficult to complete his next work. "It’s very exciting but also a very challenging and scary time," he pointed out. "Once you get into the meat of the thing you’re starting to say, 'Mmm, maybe we should do this with the keyboard part, or maybe that tempo isn’t quite right. Or wait, maybe this transition from this theatrical scene in the next one needs tweaking a bit.' I mean, that’s what we do. But the difficult bit in any project like this is getting the first sketches and finding the basic shape of the thing, blocking it out into the gray bits and the white bits."

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