Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite classic rockers have carried on for so long? Could it be that they have a little zombie in them already? It could be possible that everyone in rock has actually "turned" ahead of the zombie apocalypse.

Luckily, we can glance into the future and see what the walking undead versions of our favorite musicians would actually look like. So lets take a look at the "before and after" versions of our favorite rocker zombifications.

When Slash Became Slashed

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash often hides behind his curly black locks and top hat, and with his quiet demeanor, would we actually know if he had become the victim of a zombie attack? Proceed behind the hair and those glasses with extreme caution.

Tim Whitby, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When Stevie Nicks Became Stevie Nicked
Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks has always had that bewitching quality about her, with her flowing robes and shawls. But what if she ended up a zombie rather than something more mystical? It's time to go your own way.

Stevie Nicks
Jason Kirk, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When Gene Simmons Became Green Simmons
Kiss bassist Gene Simmons is already used to hiding behind makeup, making him a perfect choice to turn for the zombie apocalypse, but exactly how do you hide blood red and green behind that face paint?

Gene Simmons
Kevin Winter, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Became XX Chop's Bloody Gibbons
ZZ Top vocalist Billy Gibbons has one of the more familiar beards in the music industry, but could those long strands of reddish chin hair cover up the fact that our favorite sharp dressed man had turned into a zombie? You decide.

ZZ Top
Katy Winn, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When AC/DC's Angus Young Became AB-Negative's Brain 'Em Young
AC/DC guitar great Angus Young looks a bit rough and tumble even before zombification, and the cigarette is doing nothing for his health. But the good news is, as a zombie you don't have to worry about what you're doing to your body -- especially if brains is your main course.

Jo Hale, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When Tom Petty Became Zom B. Etty

Tom Petty seems a natural fit for a rocker turned into a zombie. He does, after all, have a song called "Zombie Zoo."

Tom Petty
Karl Walter, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When Elton John Became Welting John
Elton John might be the most stealthy zombie of them all. The piano great was notorious for dressing up in costume during his '70s performances, so adding a little blood and a few more visible veins may come across as just another brilliant look for the singer.

Elton John
John Minihan, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

When Sammy Hagar Became Sammy Haggard
Sammy Hagar could be a natural zombie, after all he has an affinity for all things red, does he not? We actually have high hopes for Hagar's survival, as we know he can't drive 55. When have you seen a zombie move that fast?

Sammy Hagar
Robert Mora, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

And as a bonus, we bring you one final rocker projected as a zombie, though some would debate he might already be one. We tested out the zombie generator and lo and behold it's ...
The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards as Keith Richards

Rolling Stones
Tim Whitby (2), Getty Images

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