It's 2024, and several rock stars turn 60 this year.

But while many of those 60th birthdays will arrive with fanfare, anticipated by fans, there still may be some upcoming rock star sixtieths that may surprise you. We know we were shocked by a few coming up — we can't help but think of our favorite rockers as forever young. Aging can really sneak up on you!

Is your favorite rocker turning 60 in 2024? For many, turning 60 marks a transition into a new phase of life — from middle age into seniority or retirement. It's often seen as a time of reflection and reassessment of one's priorities and achievements.

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Are you ready to dive in? See below for the rock stars hitting that huge milestone in 2024.

Rock Stars Who Turn 60 in 2024

What happens when a rock star turns 60? It's important to remember that experiences and perspectives on turning 60 vary widely among individuals. Some may toast it as a mark of achievement, while others might approach it with mixed feelings as just another number.

Keep reading to see 50 rockers turning 60 in 2024.

50 Rock Stars Turning 60 in 2024

Did you know all these rock stars turn 60 in 2024?

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