Black Sabbath’s headlining slot at the final day of the Rock am Ring Festival in Mendig, Germany tonight (June 5) will not take place. The final day has been canceled as a result of storms that have devastated Europe recently, including leaving many attendees at the festival injured on Friday.

NME provides an English translation of the statement from the organizers. “On the first day of the festival more than 80 visitors were injured by lightning strikes in part and admitted to hospital,” it read. “Because of the risky situation, we ask you to go back home by Sunday noon. We regret the decision extraordinarily, however, ask you to understand this urgent situation which is due to the bad weather."

The organizers attempted to continue on Saturday; however, another round of thunderstorms caused them to halt the performances after eight more people were hurt. The BBC reports that, earlier this morning, local authorities revoked the license for the festival, thereby forcing the cancellation.

Bad weather has been wreaking havoc all over Central Europe recently, with the storms being blamed for 11 deaths in Germany over the past few weeks, with another 35 injured during a soccer match in the southwest section of the country. Romania, Belgium and France have also been hit hard. The Guardian notes that 11,000 houses in France are without electricity and the Louvre museum in Paris has been closed due to flooding. French President Francois Hollands is expected to declare a "national catastrophe." Coincidentally, last year’s Rock am Ring saw 33 people taken to the hospital when lightning struck the festival grounds.

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