While there may be no hope for another Led Zeppelin reunion, Robert Plant certainly isn't resting on his laurels. The ever present rock and roller has been keeping himself very busy as of late. In between promoting the forthcoming Led Zeppelin DVD, 'Celebration Day,' Plant has been focusing on recording new material.

According to Rolling Stone, Plant recently hooked up with producer and songwriter Buddy Miller at his home in Nashville. "We didn't mean to, but we sort of wrote a record's worth [of material]" said Miller, "I said, 'While we're doing this, why don't I put up some mics and document it, and it sounded so good I think we, you know, accidentally made a record."

Miller, who also plays in Plant's Band Of Joy, said that though the record isn't finished, it's taking shape nicely. "I don't know how much [Robert] would want me talkin' about it," he said, "If the last record might be pastoral, this one's much more tribal. It's much more urgent and tribal and, dare I say, rockin'!" It was previously reported that Plant has also recorded an album of new material with his band the Sensational Space Shifters. The man is busy!

As if that weren't enough, Plant has also lent his talents to a new album by British rockers Primal Scream. Plant, who is a big Primal fan, told Mojo "I sang a bit on the Primals stuff because I think their references on looking back on the glorious past and the way they bring them into the contemporary world are fantastic." Plant previously recorded with Primal Scream in 2002, playing harmonica on their 'Evil Heat' album.

In this era of day in day out nostalgia, Plant's forward looking view is certainly to be applauded.  "Everything we did back in those days and everything I have done since has been based on a fresh approach," he said. "What's going on? What can I be as a singer? That's how I see everything, what can I be a part of that's exciting? And if anybody's got any ideas then I'm always up for it."