R.E.M. add a worthy new title to their already impressively packed collection of chiming folk-rock songs with 'Uberlin,' the new single from their 15th studio album, 'Collapse Into Now.'

The band's last album, 2008's 'Accelerate,' found the band shaking off a mid-career songwriting slump by staying away from songs like this, which were the bread and butter of their glory years, in favor of harder-charging songs like 'Living Well is the Best Revenge.'

However, now they they seem to have creatively re-invigorated themselves, Michael Stipe and company have delivered a more diverse album that successfully revisits familiar territory several times, including the floating, dreamy 'Uberlin.'

Peter Buck picks and strums his way through a trademark R.E.M. acoustic guitar riff that steers Stipe's vocals like a river current throughout the song. When bassist Mike Mills joins in on backing vocals, it's as if a strong gust of wind has blown into the sails and the damn thing nearly takes flight -- in a good way.

Lyrically, Stipe seems determined to get through some sort of difficult, life-changing decision with his sense of self intact: "I am flying on a star into a meteor tonight / I am flying on a star, star, star / I will make it through the day / And then the day becomes the night / I will make it through the night."

'Collapse Into Now' is earning the band some of their best reviews in years, but in typically perverse fashion, they will not be touring in support of the album. Instead, they will be releasing a series of short videos, one for every song on the record.  You can watch the video for 'Uberlin' right here and listen to the song below.

Listen to R.E.M, 'Uberlin'