Quiet Riot have stabilized their lead singer situation, announcing this week that Scott Vokoun would take the microphone when the band resumes touring on March 28 in Scottsdale, Ariz. The little-known Vokoun replaces Keith St. John (Montrose), who was filling in after the firing of Mark Huff.

"I spoke several weeks ago with my friend and vocalist Keith St John to once again thank him for lending his talents to Quiet Riot during our time of need," drummer Frankie Banali said on the band's Facebook page. "Keith knocked it out of the park with great vocals and performances and we are forever in his debt."

Huff replaced original singer Kevin DuBrow, who died in 2007. His tenure lasted two years before he was unceremoniously let go in January, creating a nasty exchange between bandmates on social network sites. Vokoun becomes the third singer in three months.

Sunday marked the 29th anniversary of the band's legendary 'Metal Health' album. Banali and bassist Chuck Wright (who played on two songs on that record) are the only members remaining from the 1983 project.

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