Queen's 'We Are the Champions' got a bizarre, operatic reading courtesy of Maya Lehmann on 'X Factor' last night, and though she seemed very nice, it was a rather unpleasant experience for everybody involved.

Maybe the pop star hopefuls auditioning for this or any other singing competition show should just stay away from classic rock songs altogether. (That would certainly make our jobs better!) After all, it was just a week ago that a performance of Janis Joplin's 'Piece of My Heart' was unsuccessful in getting someone a spot on the show.

Lehmann, a 58 year old teacher, was actually downright charming in person, deftly sparring with judge Simon Cowell on their respective ages, and earning herself a round of applause from his female co-workers. Unfortunately, her off-key warbling, which can be called operatic only in the loosest sense of the word, had the crowd exchanging "is she serious?" glances in just a few seconds.

Watch Maya Lehmann Perform Queen's 'We Are the Champions' on 'X Factor'

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