Queen’s 40th anniversary celebration rolls on with an announcement of the third and final set of album reissues, covering five albums starting with 1984’s ‘The Works’ and concluding with the posthumous ‘Made in Heaven’ from 1995. A related ‘Deep Cuts Vol. 3’ release will explore the lesser known Queen tracks from this era.

As was the case with the first two series of reissues, the new batch will be expanded with bonus tracks, including ‘A Kind of Magic’ and ‘Innuendo’-era demos, remixes, B-sides and live performances. The iTunes LP versions of each album will add additional bonus video content.

The new reissues will be out everywhere except the U.S. on Sept. 5, coinciding with what would have been late lead singer Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday. The revised releases are rolling out here in the States on a slightly delayed schedule - the first wave came out in May, the second round is due for release on September 27 and it’s likely that the newly announced third series of albums will come out sometime early next year.

The blowout celebration will continue with a new 25th anniversary reissue of the classic Queen Wembley performances from 1986 and a commemorative book called ‘40 Years Of Queen.’ (In other words, if you’ve been reading all of this, we won’t be borrowing money from any Queen fans in the near future!)

While the Wembley material has been reissued several times, this will be the first time that both of the shows recorded for the original release will been released. Previously released interview and rehearsal footage has been enhanced with the addition of a brand new interview with Roger Taylor and Brian May. The new DVD set will be released in the U.K. on September 5 with a U.S. release still to be scheduled.

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