Freddie Mercury was the one who suggested that the artwork for Queen’s tenth album ‘Hot Space’ feature a graphic image of each band member in its own colored square. Bold, vibrant colors were chosen for the cover and as a result dingy record store walls across the land were suddenly beaming with a majestic hue. Recently, the complete workings of that original artwork appeared on eBay and sold for $1,750.00.

Each ink rendition of this artwork is fastened to a normal illustration with an acetate overlay, which functions like tracing paper with precise cuttings and fragile constructions, with each band member being unique in size and structure. The concept of the cover art isn't entirely new (see T.Rex ‘Flyback’) but original artwork remains in a league of its own and tends to increase in value. That said, the buyer only paid $437.50 a head to own the entire ink workings of the complete set.

Musically, ‘Hot Space’ pales in comparison to some of Queen’s earlier, heavier recordings but, like its simple and bold cover art, Queen’s brighter, dance-driven approach seemed harmoniously timed when it first hit the streets in May 1982. Included in this array of ditties was Mercury’s well-known duet with David Bowie called ‘Under Pressure’ which, when first released as a single in 1981, landed at No. 1 on the U.K. singles chart.

Investing in classic rock artwork is pressuring even if you have the cash to blow. So when it comes to bidding, it might be advantageous to snap your fingers, chant “Um boom ba bay – Um boom ba bay” and bid to win it because this artwork has staying power.