We're not ones to spend every Monday night in front of the TV getting down to 'Dancing With the Stars,' but when we heard that one of the contestants did her routine last night (Oct. 10) to a version a song from Queen's 'Flash Gordon' soundtrack, we had to check it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly worth our time.

The theme of the dance reality show for this episode was "Movie Music," and you have to hand it to TV host and journalist Nancy Grace and her partner Tristan MacManus for picking the Queen song 'Flash's Theme' from the "cult classic" -- host Tom Bergeron's words, not ours, though we wouldn't argue -- 'Flash Gordon' amongst a field of obvious selections like music from 'Rocky,' 'Pink Panther' and 'Rocky' (Ricki Lake's pick of the 'Psycho' theme was rather inspired, however). Unfortunately, that's where the plaudits end.

First off, there's the pair's attempt at dancing the paso doble. We're not dance experts, so we will relent to the professionals. "Nancy Grace didn't do much for the paso doble with her partner Tristan McManus," reads a review from from the Chicago Sun-Times. "In fact, the only highlight of their routine was listening to a cover of Queen's 'Flash's Theme' from the film 'Flash Gordon.'

Which brings us to our expertise. The Sun-Times reality TV show critic may have enjoyed the house band's take on Queen, but we'd much rather just listen to Freddie Mercury (pictured above in his flashiest 'Flash' duds) himself singing the tune played on the worn-out cassette tape through the lo-fi boombox we used to listen to it on back in the day. We'd also probably rather visit the oral surgeon for a root canal, but we won't go there.

That's our take, but you are certainly allowed to judge for yourself. Watch the clip below and tell us what you think.

Watch Nancy Grace Dance to Queen's 'Flash's Theme' on 'Dancing With the Stars'