The decision to bring Adam Lambert into the fold may have restored Queen as a touring entity, but all involved are aware that it's not a full-time gig for the former American Idol contestant. According to guitarist Brian May, the group are currently taking some time off while their singer continues to establish himself outside of the group.

"At the moment we're watching with interest while Adam pursues his solo career," he told Gigwise in the video above, "and it seems to be going very well. He's an amazing, amazing artist, and there's no getting away from that. It's very interesting to watch him develop."

Unlike some other artists who may take offense at the idea of their singer going off and doing their own thing, May didn't seem to be too broken up at Lambert's priorities. If anything, he's given him his full blessing, and knows that they will all be back together soon enough.

"We're very conscious that he doesn't want to be with us all the time," he continued. "That would be so wrong for us to just envelop him and never let him go off and do anything else. So it's very important that his own career is progressing now. We're looking forward to being back together in September to do Rock In Rio, and some dates in Argentina and Venezuela, I believe."

Besides, May has more important things on his plate than composing new material. "[I]n the old days, I’d be writing songs," the longtime animal rights activist added. "But now I tend to be looking at what the government’s doing and how I can stop them!”

Lambert's next album, The Original High, will be released June 16. You can listen to the first single, "Ghost Town," over at Popcrush.

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