It’s hard to stop yourself from singing along when Player’s 1977 smash ‘Baby Come Back’ comes on the radio, isn't it? Well, after a nearly 20 year absence, we are pleased to premiere the video for the band's new single, ‘I Will.'

'Baby Come Back' is just one of many songs that principal vocalist and guitarist Peter Beckett has written over the years. These songs were released not only by Player, but by artists and groups ranging from Heart to the Temptations to Kenny Rogers. He's also racked up movie credits for his work on films like ‘The Karate Kid,’ ‘Basic Instinct,’ ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Transformers.’

But after nearly 20 years, Beckett decided that the time was right for a new Player album. The band had been playing live in recent years, and it made good sense for Beckett and bassist/vocalist Ron Moss (also a fellow founding member of the group) to hit the studio to work on the material which would become ‘Too Many Reasons.’ The new album will be released on February 26.

Beckett apparently had no issues finding songs for the new album, telling us, “I am constantly writing songs. Some of these songs on the CD have been around for a few years, others are brand new. could say it's been in the works for a while.”

As far as the lyrical content of ‘I Will,’ Beckett says it's “just a silly love song, really.” He co-wrote the song with Autograph’s Steve Plunkett, who ended up writing a number of songs on the new album with Beckett.

Because of the retro flavor and acoustic nature of the track, Beckett says that they went with a “sixties-ish watercolor/wash vibe” for the video. But as far as the video’s ending? Beckett laughs and says only, “I think we drank too much wine.”

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