If you're going to sell out, you might as well make it memorable. In this Clash of the Titans, we pay tribute to two rock frontmen who did just that, pitting Paul Stanley's infamous unaired commercial for Folgers coffee against a hard-rocking Budweiser jingle recorded by Ronnie James Dio in 1983.

The Kiss frontman has a bit of an unfair advantage here, given that his commercial, filmed in 2000, features some (rather remarkable) visuals, including a circus act and the sight of Stanley strolling through the big top with a cup of Folgers and a caffeinated smirk. It's difficult to discern what was going through the minds of the creative team that put this together, but we think we can see the reflection of a sizable check in Stanley's eyes as he stares into the distance and sings about the best part of wakin' up.

If Dio's commercial lacks surreal scenery, the former Black Sabbath singer at least has seniority going for him in this battle; he recorded his Budweiser spot in 1983, just as he was starting the post-Sabbath phase of his career with his new band Dio. While in retrospect, it's a little hard to square this beer jingle against the classic work he'd do the same year with the band's 'Holy Diver' LP, you've got to hand it to Ronnie -- he brings the same intensity to "this Bud's for you" that he did to any of his greatest hits.

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