Paul Stanley is a fine singer and guitarist, but every true Kiss fan knows this legendary frontman's true value lies in his distinct ability to speak to the crowd between songs — which is why we can't believe it's taken this long for someone to give Stanley's one-of-a-kind stage banter the dance remix it's always deserved.

This long-overdue honor has been bestowed by Snaked, the project that unites "soft shred" guitarist and video game composer Hugh Myrone with New Jersey-based DJ and producer Depressed Teenager, and the track is titled — fittingly enough — "Paul Stanley." For a glorious three minutes and 27 seconds, it arranges some of Stanley's choicest non-musical moments at the mic over an electronic beat and a soaring guitar; the only thing that could possibly make it even better is if someone else came along and gave it an extended remix that added another 10 minutes of genius. Stanley himself apparently agrees:

It's anyone's guess where Snaked could possibly go from here — it's hard to top perfection, after all — but in the meantime, you can play "Paul Stanley" on an endless loop below, and check out more music from both members of the group at their respective online hangouts. You can also listen to more of Myrone's "soft shred" cuts and more of Depressed Teenager's work. And of course, anytime you want to hear more of Stanley's best stage banter, you can always stream the classic between-song Kiss bootleg People Let Me Get This Off My Chest.

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