Paul McCartney has spoken once again about the end of the Beatles, this time revealing that it was John Lennon who brought an end to the group.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, McCartney says that it was “very difficult” to be with a group of guys that had all grown up together and suddenly, “weren’t speaking to each other.”

Asked if he took it the hardest, McCartney said “I can only answer for me, but I certainly wanted us to keep going, but John certainly didn’t.” As McCartney explains, Lennon had found Yoko Ono, and they were into a “new thing” which “turned out to be a great thing for them,” but ultimately, it left the rest of the group searching for a way to move forward individually.

McCartney says that after debating whether or not to continue with music, he made the decision to move forward and out of that, the ‘McCartney’ solo album was born.

In a separate conversation that aired last night on ‘Absolute Radio,’ McCartney expanded on his statements about Lennon and said "Basically me, George and Ringo said 'Does this have to be final, could we do a couple of gigs or can we think about this tomorrow?', but John was off with Yoko and he was saying 'No, no, it's great, I feel a release' and all that. So that was kind of final."

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