For all of the many superstars who made appearances and thrilled fans with performances at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, the night will probably best be remembered as the night the Beatles dominated the airwaves again . . . almost 50 years to the day when they first landed in the U.S.

This was certainly the case when a stunning Julia Roberts took to the stage to announce the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Beatles' first appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' on Feb. 9, 1964, with a special two-hour special, 'The Beatles: The Night That Changed America, a Grammy Salute.'

What's more, the program will air at precisely the same date (Feb. 9, 2014), time and even on the same network (CBS) as that history-making night half a century ago.

Not long after Ringo Starr performed an all-star version of his hit 'Photograph' on the Grammy stage, Paul McCartney got up there, sat behind a rainbow-spangled piano and performed his recent single 'Queenie Eye.'

And none other than McCartney's old drumming pal Starr joined him onstage for a truly historic reunion. After weeks of back and forth on reunion rumors, it turned out way better than anyone could expect.

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