Paul McCartney and producer / Killing Joke bassist Youth, occasional musical collaborators under the guise of The Fireman, have joined forces again to contribute to the new single by the Bloody Beetroots, the nom de guerre of Italian musician Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.

'Out of Sight,' which is -- per the cover photo on the band's Facebook page -- credited to the Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney & Youth, is set for release on June 18. Earlier today, Rolling Stone debuted an exclusive teaser for the song, which features easily spotted vocal contributions from the former Beatle.

Rifo's excitement about the single came shining through when he revealed its impending release on the Bloody Beetroots' official Facebook page, prefacing his announcement by writing, "Today is one of those days when you want to say something quietly but you end up shouting at the top of your voice."

According to Rifo's posting, 'Out of Sight' was an equal collaboration between himself, McCartney, and Youth. "I was impressed by the creative energy in the room when you get three musicians from three different generations vibing together in the studio," he wrote.

While 'Out of Sight' is the first time all three artists have worked together, McCartney and Youth have recorded three albums together as The Fireman: 1993's 'Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest,' 1998's 'Rushes,' and 2008's 'Electric Arguments.'

Hear a preview of 'Out of Sight'

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