Austin Carlile, singer for California metalcore band Of Mice & Men, just added another hospital visit to a year that's already seen him seeking plenty of medical attention.

Loudwire reports that Carlile recently endured a 24-hour hospital stay after the microphone he was using malfunctioned and gave him a painful electric shock. After being released, Carlile shared the news with fans on Twitter.

As Loudwire notes, Carlile only recently completed a round of surgeries to combat the effects of Marfan syndrome, a rare and incurable genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissue and can have a life-threatening impact on the heart valves and aorta. Initially hospitalized in June toward the end of the band's spring tour, he vowed not to let the disease slow him down and later assured fans he was working his way back from the operations while learning how to manage his condition.

"Getting closer to 100 percent with every passing week. Almost out of the woods," he wrote in July. "Physical therapy is going well but it sure is kicking my a$$!!!! 3x a week! Have to get better. Have to keep pushing. Nothing comes easy."

Of Mice & Men have been touring in support of their most recent album, 2014's Restoring Force, and recently debuted a new live video for their song "Never Giving Up." Carlile will presumably be back in action shortly; in the meantime, he's posted a helpful visual indicator of his most recent medical ordeal.

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