Sorry, Rush fans, but the idea of bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson teaming up on a new project without drummer Neil Peart has apparently been shot down.

Recent speculation about a new Rush offshoot band was ignited by radio host Eddie Trunk, who answered a fan's question about the group's future by saying that Lee and Lifeson had been discussing teaming up again. He said they planned to use their last names as a moniker, and intended to "maybe play some Rush tunes and make new music – because they want to continue to create new music, as well.”

However, in a Facebook post yesterday, Donna Halper – a former DJ and current radio consultant, historian and professor who is widely credited with helping Rush break through in America – said she discussed the rumor with the guitarist while wishing him a happy 64th birthday.

"I asked him about the online rumors and he told me there's no LeeLifeson collaboration in the works," she wrote. "Both Geddy and Alex keep in close touch, of course, but both are very busy with their own projects. And neither has any plans for forming a band or touring or anything like that in the immediate future. As Alex just told me, the rumors are only rumors. And now you know ... the rest of the story, direct from Alex himself."

Chronic drum-related injuries and a desire to spend more time with his children have caused Peart to step away from his career, to the point where Trunk says he apparently "doesn’t even have drums in his house anymore." It has now been more than two years since the trio last performed together.

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